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I'm so exited to introduce my new hand-printed ceramic crystal healing and manifestation altars!


This is a 6"x6" FLOWER OF LIFE sacred geometry altar and manifestation tool. 
It can also be used as a trivet.


It is hand silkscreened with durable and washable black porcelain pigment. It is backed with black foam to keep it from slipping or scratching any surfaces.


This crystal altar is a gorgeous tool for prayer and intention setting, and is very easy to use. 


Step 1: Select the crystals you'd like to work with.

Step 2: Hold the crystals in your left hand and set an intention.

Step 3: Place each crystal on the points of the sacred formation, repeating your intention as you place each stone. Let your heart guide you...there are no right or wrong placements. Be creative!

Step 4: Use a quartz point to trace a connection between each of the stones, visualizing their activation and unity. 

Step 5: Place the quartz point in the center of the formation, repeating your intention one final time.

"Flower of Life" Sacred Geometry Altar

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