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Atelier Healing Arts
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3/22/24: Wisdom in the Shadows Workshop

This Friday, March 22nd, at 7pm ET, let’s honor the moon and journey to meet our helping spirit guides!

Please join my new shamanic journeying workshop, Wisdom in the Shadows: Journeying with Dark Wisdom Allies.

Three days before the Full Moon, the Waxing Gibbous Moon unveils hidden realms and illuminates emotions and patterns usually obscured by darkness. It’s the perfect time for self-reflection and deep healing work for ourselves and the planet.

This experiential class invites you to explore the profound wisdom, richness, and untapped potential that lies within these shadows, revealing hidden truths, forgotten dreams, and dormant creativity that can be transmuted, shape-shifted, and restored.

Exploring the richness of these shadows doesn’t need to be a solitary journey! Loving and compassionate Dark Wisdom Allies, Guides, and Helpers can be called upon for support and guidance at any time. These are animals and nature beings associated with nighttime, dreamtime, and transmutation. Whether nocturnal, dwelling in darkened skies, or hidden within the earth’s recesses, these allies—such as Black Jaguar, Owl, Snake, and Thunder—embody power, healing, and transformation.

Through guided journeys and meditations, you’ll form profound connections with your Dark Wisdom Allies and learn how to nourish and maintain these positive relationships beyond the class and for years to come.

Note to Participants: Come as you are! All Of You is welcome here. Please bring a small bowl or jar filled with water—this will be used to create Moon Water. Be sure to dial in from a quiet and comfortable place to make the most of your workshop experience.



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