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A Tarot Spread for the Year Ahead, 2018

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

Happy New Year! I'm pleased to offer a 13-card tarot reading exclusively for the Atelier Healing Arts community. This pull provides guidance for each and every month, and an overall theme for the year!

The brand new year offers a beautiful opportunity to start fresh and approach each month/day/minute with renewed optimism. That said, the unknown can be daunting. Oracle cards and tarot cards can help provide guidance and insight along the way.

Using The Good Tarot deck by Collette Baron-Reid, I've called on our collective guides to provide the cards that will best serve our community over the next 12 months. The monthly card placement starts clockwise at the 12-o'clock position (January is sitting above the quartz stone), and the Card of the Year is placed at the center. Here we go!

Card of the Year - Sun/Abundance This is a year of abundance! The seeds we've been sowing are finally taking root and our projects, careers, relationships, and creativity are flourishing and plentiful. Personal growth is assured this year, but we must remain deeply grateful and connected to Spirit--AKA Love--in order to enjoy the full benefits of our hard work. Most importantly, we must remember to share our abundance with others, as love and prosperity grow infinitely when they are freely shared.

January - Strength/Endurance We know that everything occurs in divine timing, and have the stamina to keep going. We allow Spirit and Love to work through us and have the courage and will to overcome any obstacles in our way.

February - Messenger of Water We have a heightened emotional awareness and a call to fall in love with ourselves this month. We will see the beauty in others and recognize that everything and anything is possible when we allow love to flow through us.

March - King of Water Respect for all beings, recognizing our similarities rather than focusing on our differences. Resolving conflict through diplomacy, empathy, and love.

April - Justice/Karma The law of cause and effect is in full swing this month. We recognize how our words and deeds impact our quality-of-life, so we must act deliberately and with care to create the life we so deeply desire.

May - 7 of Water This is a month fueled by imagination, fantasy, and artistic endeavors. We must tune in to infinite possibility and allow ourselves to dream. Releasing rigidity and remaining flexible create space for opportunities. It's time to manifest miracles!

June - Ace of Water Love is flowing through us this month, bringing light to darkness and fertilizing the seeds of our dreams. When Love is unconditional, we have endless hope and everything seems possible!

July - 4 of Water Plans are not moving forward as expected, but we have faith that something even greater is in store. Rather than holding onto sadness and disappointment, we trust the process and believe in abundance and divine order.

August - Magician/Alchemy When we see this card, we are reminded that our desire and skill alone will yield limited results. When we remember our partnership with Spirit (ie Love), all is well. We must explore our commitment to this co-creative alchemical relationship. Through us, Spirit and Love work magic.

September - 3 of Fire We are on the right path leading towards success. Opportunities are abundant, but we must trust ourselves and our ability to make good choices and build relationships that are in harmony with our desires.

October - 3 of Water Friendship is our focus this month. We are part of a joyous community. We lift each other up, provide support, and play together. We are a family and must accept each other as we are--both light and shadow; perfectly imperfect.

November - 6 of Earth (Remember April's Justice card?) What we have put forth in Love comes back to us many times over this month. Unexpected resources, generosity, surprises. We are reminded of the many miracles we are entitled to when we show up as embodied Love. We cast aside any doubts and move forward with renewed faith in the Universe.

December - Ace of Earth We recognize that abundance takes many forms and align ourselves with success. We fully recognize that we already have the resources we need to generate prosperity. We make an impact. Abundance is made manifest this month.

I hope this collective reading serves you well! I'm so honored to be part of this gorgeous community of likeminded souls, and look forward to providing more readings over the coming year. Much love!

Want Your Own Personalized Reading?

If you'd like to receive a personalized 13-card spread for the year ahead, I'm offering a New Year's Insight Special through January 31st! For just $65, you will receive a photos of your cards, a description for each month, and your overall theme for the year. Read more about it here and contact me for more information!



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